Cheese Canapea

Cheese Gift Box


Cheese assorti: Blue Mould Cheese, Lori cheese with thyme and tarragon, Suluguni cheese, Gouda cheese, Edamer cheese.

Vegetables: Cherry tomatoes, Peppers, Lemon

Fruits: Grapes, Figs, Pear, Strawberries

Meat: Raw smoked sausage, smoked sausage, Prosciutto

Other: Honey, nuts, crispy bread

Here are some simple ingredients with which we can prepare a beautiful, pleasant, delicious and creative gift. You can enjoy your evenings with your dear friends and a glass of wine.

The perfect cheese platter should consist of various cheeses, vegetables, fruits. You can also include crackers, nuts, dried fruits and honey.  And if you are also the meat lover, add for example, prosciutto or other types of meat. There are no rules on what to include in the cheese platter.

Our team creates cheese and meat gift boxes with great responsibility and enthusiasm.

These original gift boxes are made of the famous English “Cheddar’’ French “Blue Mould ”, “Brie” and other delicious cheeses are  a good occasion to gather family members, or can be a pleasant surprise for a dear friend.

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